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by nature flows in an unstable manner. Over time this would have corrosive effect on all the loads and circuits as they are caused by irregular movements of electrons which generate
HEAT and Vibrations
It has been reported that electrons tend to move away from the nucleus & such a trend causes
“excessive collision” of electrons resulting in
(Power Loss). Through research, synthetic infra rays could be used to mitigate excessive vibrations of electrons by relieving the friction. This technology is known as the “BALANCED WAVE TECHNOLOGY” Negative ion The easiest solution is to put silent energy on the cable by attaching
with noise reducing technology (neg. ion) to soften the electric current. This process reduces the consumption (10-30%) of electricity with improved efficiency on the electrical appliances.

The disease fighter
as well as beta carotene, Spirulina contains other nutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, and chromium. These nutrients
help fight free radicals
cell-damaging molecules absorbed by the body through pollution, poor diet, injury, or stress. By removing free radicals the nutrients help the immune system
fight cancer
and cellular degeneration.



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